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Legris Flow Control Regulators
Legris Flow Control Regulators

Suitable Fluids:
Compressed air
Working Pressure:
1 to 10 bar
Working Temprature:
0 degrees + 70 degrees

Legris Silencers

Legris produces a wide range of silence fittings, treaded & push in
type in Metal, Polymer and Stainless steel. These provide significant
noise reduction.

Quick Exhaust Valves
Legris Quick Exhaust Valves

Aluminium body, NBR seals and brass components.
​Available in bore sizes: 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 1"

Non-Return Valves
Legris Non-Return Valves

With LF3000 push-fit connections: allows air to pass in one direction while blocking flow in the other direction. Perfect sealing, compact and light weight, supply version.

Pilot Check Valves
Mindman MPC

Maintaining pressure. Preventing leakage. Accuracy position holding. Special load design applications. Maintaining pressure, Preventing leakage, Accuracy position holding, Special load design applications.

Canfield Connectors

The Canfield Connector Micro Logic Timer is a solid state electronic timing unit incorporated inside the standard MINI and DIN 43650 Form "A" / ISO 4400, EN175301-803:2000 electrical connectors. The MLT allows precise timing and logic functions in a small, easily mounted enclosure.
There are eight standard timer types. Each timer incorporates circuitry for AC or DC operation with a wide voltage range.

General Technical Data:

- Input Voltage Range: 12-240 VDC 24-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
- Maximum timer current draw: 15 mA
- Maximum input voltage tolerance: +/-10%
- Maximum output current: 1 Amp
- Frequency: AC 50/60 Hz or DC
- Ambient temperature range: -20∞ to +60∞C
- 15 turn time adjustment potentiometers for accuracy
- Wire gauge: 20 AWG standard
- Time ranges: 0.1 seconds to 33 minutes in standard versions, other times available upon request.